6 reasons to choose Warpcache

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    Multiple CDNs

    We include multiple CDNs in our mix. By default: Edgecast, Highwinds, MaxCDN, and Hibernia.

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    100% uptime SLA

    Our platform detects outages automatically and stops sending traffic to CDNs with issues.

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    Optimal performance

    Our platform measures the performance of the CDNs in our CDN mix and automatically selects the fastest one for you end users.

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    Built-in Origin Shield

    Feel safe from overloading your origin as our origin shield protects your origin and saves network egress cost. Click here for more information.

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    One contract

    Instead of having multiple contract partners for multiple CDNs and the CDN balancing solution, Warpcache provides everything you need to supercharge your content delivery.

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    One Price

    We have one price for all your traffic. No separate prices for different geographic regions, HTTP requests, or DNS requests.

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