Origin update and set CORS headers


Following the introduction of Warpshield, our multi-CDN origin shield, we’re happy to announce two new updates to our platform.

Origin updates

Before, you used to be able to define an origin at property creation time. If you wanted to update it afterwards you had two options:

  1. Create a ticket for Warpcache Support to make the change manually
  2. Create a new property and remove the old one

With the new functionality, you can just edit the origin yourself in our portal and it takes just seconds to take effect. At the moment all new properties that are created have this ability and we’re looking to backport this functionality to previously created properties as well. Editable properties are easily recognisable by the blue color and dashed underline as shown below. Clicking it allows you to make the edit.


CORS headers

We always try to keep things a simple as possible or make something easier than it otherwise would be. One of those things is adding CORS headers. Even though there is an excellent site full of instructions to set them correctly for a whole range of servers, we believed just switching a toggle would be even easier. So now you can toggle CORS headers on and off through our control panel .


Get started!

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