What can I do when I find abuse taking place via Warpcache’s services?

First of all, it should be understood that we are not a hosting provider, but a company offering a solution to optimize traffic delivery via multiple CDNs. Therefore, Warpcache is normally not the party who are able to actually take content offline.

Second, Warpcache cannot generally be obliged (or even expected) to actively monitor, block or filter illegal content or activity from its customers or third parties, because such filtering or blocking carries substantial inherent risk of over and under blocking and is normally technologically infeasible.

However, you can notify any violations of our acceptable use policy (“AUP”) to us at abuse@warpcache.com. Your notification must contain all of the following information:

1. Full (company) name;

2. Address and phone number;

3. Description of the abuse;

4. Purpose of notification:

a) Should the unlawful content be removed or blocked as soon as possible? Then you must show that the content is undeniably unlawful.

b) Do you wish to receive the name and address of the person(s) who distributed unlawful content for legal redress? Then you must demonstrate that the content is likely to be unlawful and that you have a real and meaningful interest in receiving such information from Warpcache.

5. A declaration that you represent and warrant that your notification is factually correct, and that you accept any liability for any errors in your notification and will indemnify and hold harmless Warpcache from any damage resulting from such errors;

6. If you fear illegal and/or criminal acts from the Customer which your notification is about (such as libel, threats or physical violence against your person or property), and do not want that the Customer is informed of your identifying information, then you should substantiate this in your notification.

What happens with my notification?

We do our utmost to respond timely to notifications that comply with the requirements set out above. If your notification does not comply, we will give you the opportunity to correct your notification. If your notification still does not comply after that, we will not process it further.

If we find that your notification complies with the requirements, we will normally inform the Customer and provide the Customer the opportunity to respond.