No single CDN provider offers excellent coverage in every corner of the world. As a global company that serves content to users worldwide, you don’t want to limit your options by choosing one way or the other.

A multi-CDN solution combines the strengths of different CDN providers, without making concessions to coverage or performance. The performance of our CDN partners is monitored 24/7, ensuring that your traffic is routed via the top performer of any given moment, anywhere in the world. Read more about the power of multi-CDN here.

Prices are in USD but we’re also open to provide prices in EUR as well.


Yes! If you already have a CDN yourself, we can add it to the mix for you. you’re then able to see how well it performs in comparison to the other CDNs in the mix. For supported CDNs, we can even add the commitment you have to the system. It will then first use your own CDN until you met your commitment and then switch to our platform completely or continue to run your own CDN and just add our CDNs to the mix as well.

No, we don’t offer any storage at the moment so you will have to provide your own. We have documentation for both Google Cloud Storage and Amazon S3.

We provide a 100% uptime SLA.

We do not have an official product yet but it’s on our roadmap. If you are interested, please contact us at

Yes, everything is allowed, as long as it’s legal. Please have a look at our Acceptable Use Policy for more information on this topic.

Yes! Please contact us about anything SSL related.

Yes! But it comes with a caveat. You can select the option in our configuration panel. We will then only enable CDNs that support SPDY or HTTP/2 for that particular host.

Please note that you do need to enable SSL on the host before you can enable SPDY or HTTP/2.

Check our documentation here.

Alternatively, send us a ticket via the Control Panel or by sending an e-mail to

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