Don’t put your online eggs in one basket

Storage is key to online success. Wether it’s images, videos or game-saves, every piece of information that’s required by your service needs to be accessible at all times to ensure business continuity.

In the past few months we’ve observed outages from big companies. These companies are trusted by the public, yet still are subject to outages that affected businesses worldwide.

The outage that happened to Amazon’s S3 storage on February 28th 2017 broke a lot of online services. Some experienced partial or complete failure. Having your business harmed by this should never happen. It’s become common knowledge and practise to keep business critical services redundant.

How to prevent your business from experiencing storage outages?
You can use a Content Delivery Network (CDN). However a CDN introduces a Single Point of Failure (SPOF). The CDN can experience downtime or have a regional outage. Thus impacting your valued customers. While using a CDN to prevent problems in the storage cluster is a good start, you’re now putting all your eggs in the next basket – The CDN.

Warpcache knows these problems like no other, and built a solution to the SPOF CDN outages and problems.
Using a multi-CDN strategy for your online content distribution is key to making sure you’ll never be victim of CDN failure.
In the case of performance degradation, we take that CDN out of the mix until the performance is restored. Never worry about your performance or uptime, worry about your business instead.

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