Google Cloud Storage

Thijs de Zoete

Using GCS as your origin

Follow to steps below to configure Google Cloud Storage (GCS) as your origin within Warpache.

If you need help setting up your GCS bucket, click here for Google’s guides. Here are some tips about naming your bucket.


Step 1: Configure your GCS account

  1. Sign up for a GCS account and follow the basic setup.
  2. Create a bucket to hold the data.
  3. Add the files to your bucket and make them public.
    Tip: click the dots top right and select Edit object default permissions. Then, set user to allUsers and reader. This will make the whole bucket publicly readable.


Step 2: Create a Vhost in the Warpcache control panel

  1. Log into the Warpcache control panel on
  2. In the menu on the left click Vhosts.
  3. In the Vhost screen, press the blue Create vhost button.
  4. Fill in:
    • A label for your Vhost
      e.g. <bucket name>
    • Your alias
    • The location of your content in the Origin URL field
      e.g.<bucket name>/
    • Add a path to a small property in your bucket
      e.g. /image.png
  5. Click the Create vhost button to finish.