alternative to Cloudfront

Amazon Cloudfront is tightly integrated with the rest of the Amazon ecosystem, which makes it convenient to use when you’re already an Amazon customer.

While the convenience is great, their performance and availability are lacking and their pricing model is complex.

Furthermore, you rely on just a single CDN and if it goes down, your business comes to a halt.

Easy IntegrationYesYes
Support24x7 phone and email24x7 phone and email
APIEasy to use and clearly documentedEasy to use and documented
MonitoringIncludedNot included
Online registrationYesYes
Hybrid CDN readyYesNo
Performance profilesYesNo
Multiple CDNsYesNo
Ease of use web interfaceSimpleSimple
SPDY SupportWe support for SPDY in a Multi-CDN setupNo
Autonomous setupYesYes
Additional costsNoneVarying prices per region for bandwidth
Varying prices per region for requests
First 1000 file invalidations are free, after that $0.005 per path invalidation request

So, if you’re looking for an excellent multi-CDN solution, and an alternative to Cloudfront…

Give multi-CDN a try

We promise you'll like it.

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