Don’t put your online eggs in one basket

Storage is key to online success. Wether it’s images, videos or game-saves, every piece of information that’s required by your service needs to be accessible at all times to ensure business continuity. In the past few months we’ve observed outages from big companies. These companies are trusted by the public, yet still are subject to outages that affected businesses worldwide. … Read More

Origin update and set CORS headers

  Following the introduction of Warpshield, our multi-CDN origin shield, we’re happy to announce two new updates to our platform. Origin updates Before, you used to be able to define an origin at property creation time. If you wanted to update it afterwards you had two options: Create a ticket for Warpcache Support to make the change manually Create a … Read More

Introducing Warpshield: a multi-CDN origin shield

We are happy to announce the immediate availability of Warpshield, our multi-CDN origin shield. This addition to our turn-key multi-CDN platform is free of additional charge, fully transparent, protects you from overloading your origin, and saves origin network egress costs. What’s an origin shield? In the context of CDNs, an origin shield is a group of servers between the edge … Read More

A new name and office

Since we started the company we have resided in an old building that used to be a school of music. It was relatively cheap and spacious but lacked for instance networking opportunities and, even though there was no airconditioning, the ability to open the windows. We are happy to announce that we’ve found a new office at the Mediapark in … Read More

Using a CDN to speed up your WordPress site

Speed up your site with WordPress

Loading speed is an important factor in the success of your website, and a speedy website can boost user conversion and retention. WordPress offers are large collection of very useful plugins that can help you speed up your website. We’ll look at using a CDN with WordPress and image optimisation tools. It takes a few minutes and even fewer mouse … Read More

CDNOverview: a CDN comparison site made with Hugo made with Hugo

Warpcache is always working toward more transparency in the CDN market. We found no complete CDN overview website, so we made one: CDNOverview is an informative website that lists information about specific CDNs and can compare features to other CDNs.

Debugging multiple CDNs

Debugging multiple CDNs

Without tooling, debugging multiple CDNs at the same time is a complicated and time-consuming affair. At Warpcache, debugging our multi-CDN solution is a necessary evil at times, and to make things easier we’ve built a tool to smoothen the process. Read more below about our debugging challenges, and what’s important to look out for. In this post we introduce our … Read More

Slow websites are bad for business

Loading times play a huge role in the success of your website. We know that. We are fully aware that if a website doesn’t load fast enough, visitors will have left without having seen any of the content. We know all this because after all, we are Internet users too. Despite the importance of loading times, we’re faced with increasingly content-heavy websites filled … Read More

Mitigating CDN issues with a Multi-CDN setup

CDNs are a critical piece of IT infrastructure; when your CDN goes down, your site goes down with it. Such outages sometimes happen in a big fashion like this recent outage described here by Cedexis. Outages can also happen in a smaller and less noticeable way, as they’re usually local and caused by performance degradation rather than by the full unavailability of a CDN. These so-called micro-outages are harder to detect, … Read More