alternative to Turbobytes

TurboBytes’ motto is “Multi-CDN made easy”.

We made multi-CDN even easier. See for yourself:

Easy IntegrationYesNo
Support24x7 phone and email24x7 phone and email
APIEasy to use and clearly documentedHard to use
MonitoringIncludedPartially included
SSLFree for subdomain.
Own certificate as paid add-on.
Free for subdomain.
Setup fee and high monthly costs for own certificate.
Online registrationYesNo
Hybrid CDN readyYesYes
Performance profilesYesNo
Multiple CDNsYesYes
Ease of use web interfaceSimpleLimited functionality
SPDY SupportWe support SPDY in a Multi-CDN setupN/A
Autonomous setupYesNo
Pricing modelGlobal flat feePrices vary per region
Additional costsNo additional costs. Global flat fee only.$0.005 per 10.000 HTTP requests to the CDN

So, if you’re looking for an excellent multi-CDN solution, and an alternative to Turbobytes…

Give multi-CDN a try

We promise you'll like it.

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