alternative to OptimiCDN

Formerly named Helios Cloud and Optimiway, OptimiCDN also offers a multi-CDN solution.

Based on Cedexis data, they determine the most efficient route between the end user and the edge location.

Easy IntegrationYesManual
Support24x7 phone and email09:30-17:00 email support
APIEasy to use and clearly documentedAvailable
Online registrationYesNo
Hybrid CDN readyYesYes
Performance profilesYesYes
Multiple CDNsYesYes
Easy of use web interfaceSimpleUnknown
SPDY SupportWe support for SPDY in a Multi-CDN setupN/A
Autonomous setupYesNo
Additional costsNoneUnknown

So, if you’re looking for an excellent multi-CDN solution, and an alternative to OptimiCDN…

Give multi-CDN a try

We promise you'll like it.

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