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LeaseWeb is a global Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider based in the Netherlands. The company is part of OCOM Group, an European Internet services provider.

LeaseWeb presents itself as a one-stop-shop for a wide range of Internet services – these include cloud hosting, colocation, dedicated servers and most importantly: a CDN solution.

LeaseWeb has so-called ‘SuperPoPs’ which are locations in their network that dynamically pull and cache content. The company has 7 of these locations worldwide. In CDN terms, these SuperPoPs are essentially regular points-of-presence.

The LeaseWeb CDN is built on a multi carrier network and the company does not offer hybrid-CDN or multi-CDN solutions. Were anything to happen on the network, customers can suffer performance degradation or even outages.


Easy IntegrationYesYes
Support24x7 phone and email24x7 phone and email
APIEasy to use and clearly documentedEasy to use and clearly documented
Online registrationYesNo
Hybrid CDN readyYesNo
Performance profilesYesNo
Multiple CDNsYesNo
Easy of use web interfaceSimpleSimple
SPDY SupportWe support for SPDY in a Multi-CDN setupN/A
Autonomous setupYesYes
Additional costsNo additional costs€ 0,90 / $ 0.95 per million HTTP and HTTPS requests

So, if you’re looking for an excellent multi-CDN solution, and an alternative to Leaseweb…

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