alternative to Fastly

Fastly is a “real-time” CDN provider founded in 2011 by the former CTO of Wikia, Artur Bergman.

They support a wide variety of content types and their Fastly Cloud Accelerator is directly connected with the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) backbone.

Fastly has a fantastic marketing formula, but their CDN performance is generally lacking. With a complex pricing scheme on top, we recommend to reconsider your options.

SLA100%None for month-to-month accounts
100% for termed contract
Easy IntegrationYesYes
Support24x7 phone and email24x7 phone and email
APIEasy to use and clearly documentedEasy to use and documented
MonitoringIncludedNot included
SSLIncludedShared hostname included (
Shared certificate: Setup ($500) + monthly fee ($100)
Shared Wildcard certificate: Setup ($500) + monthly fee ($275)
Customer Certificate: Setup ($2000) + monthly fee ($1500)

Online registrationYesYes
Hybrid CDN readyYesNo
Performance profilesYesNo
Multiple CDNsYesNo
Ease of use web interfaceSimpleSimple
SPDY SupportWe support for SPDY in a Multi-CDN setupNo
Autonomous setupYesYes
Additional costsNoneVarying prices per region for bandwidth
Varying prices per region for requests

So, if you’re looking for an excellent multi-CDN solution, and an alternative to Fastly…

Give multi-CDN a try

We promise you'll like it.

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