A new name and office

New Name

When we decided to call the company Cloakfusion, we did so because it did not necessarily signal what the company did allowing us to do multiple things, next to our multi-cdn product, as a company. We also decided to call our first product Warpcache since it does signal that it’s a caching service, and it’s fast. After a little bit more than a year, it turns out it was the wrong decision.
As we are in the process of becoming more known and brand awareness is starting to increase, we decided this was the last possible moment to change names without too much of a hassle. The main problem with Cloakfusion as name were:

1) It is often spelled incorrectly, from Cloudfusion to Cloackfusion.
2) It doesn’t signal properly what it is we do.

Since we were already working with the Warpcache name it only made sense to adopt that name moving further. That means that from today onward, we’ll be doing business as Warpcache, our website is be located on https://www.warpcache.com and our portal is available on https://my.warpcache.com.
With a new name also comes a new logo:

New office

Since we started the company we have resided in an old building that used to be a school of music. It was relatively cheap and spacious but lacked for instance networking opportunities and, even though there was no airconditioning, the ability to open the windows. We are happy to announce that we’ve found a new office at the Mediapark in Hilversum and we’ll be moving there later this month!

Our new address will be:
Warpcache BV
Joop van den Endeplein 1
1217 WJ Hilversum
the Netherlands