Multi-CDN: The next step in content delivery


Just as easy as a single CDN.
If not, easier.


If a CDN goes down, another takes over. Automatically.


Per user, the best CDN is selected. Optimal performance guaranteed.

Key Features

Multiple CDNs

CDN loadbalancing technology

One dashboard and simple API

Default CDN selection

We provision new CDN properties with these CDNs automatically
  • edgecast
  • highwinds
  • maxcdn
  • hibernia

Optional CDNS

we can provision the following CDNs and add them to your CDN mix
  • comcast
  • medianova
  • quantil
  • g-core
  • akamai
  • level3
  • keycdn
  • swiftserve

Technology partners

  • cedexis
  • incapsula

Trusted by

  • spilgames
    Spil Games
  • coolgames
    Cool Games
  • StreamOne

  • Clickly
  • Football Mania

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